The Perfect Insulation for Refrigeration, Air Conditioning, Heating and Plumbing Applications.

  • Excellents weather / UV & ozone resistance
  • Very low thermal conductivity
  • Excellent and safety fire performance
  • Better water vapor resistance
  • Service temperature up to 125 °C
Made from light weight elastomeric material, EPDM (ETHYLENE RUBBER), MAXFLEX® is an ideal thermal insulation to prevent condensation problem on chilled water pipes or refrigerant lines, and also to against frost formation. MAXFLEX® is available as tube insulation, precut sheet, standard flat sheet and sheet roll which are CFC free, HFC free, HCFC free and O.D.P. zero.

Being dust and fibre free, MAXFLEX® is superior for air-ducting system. It has been favored over the fibrous insulation materials because of the possible health hazards and dangers caused by the loose particles of fibrous materials into air vents.

MAXFLEX® can be used for both as interior or exterior insulating materials of all-ducting systems. Safely handled without causing skin irritation and its flexibility makes installation work easy and neat.

MAXFLEX® is merchandized in ready-to-use Pressure Sensitive Adhesive and Aluminum Foil surface upon request.

Better temperature control & Energy conservation

Molecular structure of MAXFLEX® is characterized by a large number of fine cross-linked closed cells which provides effective reduction of heat loss from indoor and outdoor air ducting systems. It also reduces waste of energy by higher heat gain into the cooling systems.

Prevent Condensation Problems

Excellent moisture and vapor resistance due to its dense surface skin and the closed cell structure.


Outstanding ozone / UV and weather resistance. Superior resistance against moisture, fungus growth, vermin and rodent attack.

Excellent sound adsorption

Acting as a vibration damper and serves as outer shields, MAXFLEX® greatly reduces noise from mechanical equipment, as well as noise from cross-talk and air movement.


MAXFLEX is complied with most international Smoke and Flammability Standards.

Easy to Install

Outstanding flexibility for quick and easy installation. Gived the finished insulation a neat aesthetic appearance. No coating is needed on most indoor usage.

Long years service of stable and low thermal conductivity value (K-Value).
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