MAXFLEX is an ideal thermal insulation to prevent condensation problems on chilled water pipes or refrigerant lines and also to against frost formation. MAXFLEX retards heat loss from hot water plumbing and heating, dual temperature piping and solar heating systems.

It reduces noises by acting as a vibration damper and serves as outer shield to protect the metal pipes from corrosion by atmospheric and industrial environment.


MAXFLEX is very effective in reducing heat loss from indoor and outdoor hot water piping systems. Due to it's outstanding ozone/UV and weather resistance property, it proves to be the best insulation for outdoor pipe line of the Solar Energy Heating System. MAXFLEX contains no asbestos, no dust and fibre free. So, it is safe when being installed in places where hygiene is vital.

This is one among many reasons why this product is widely selected and accepted as a replacement for the fibrous insulation materials of hot water piping systems in hotels, hospitals, residential and industrial applications. It is also highly efficient in safe guarding against frost formation inside the water pipes as the insulation dramatically delays the time water cool down to reach freezing temperature while shut-off the heating systems.

MAXFLEX is the ideal insulation material for hot water pipes due to the following characteristics:-
  • High service temperature range upto +125oC.
  • Good ozone, UV and weather resistance when being used outdoor.
  • Stable and low thermal conductivity value through out the service life.
  • Very low water absorption and water vapor transmission.
  • Flexibility, easy installation. Do not need any jacketing or protection even being used to insulate the outdoor piping.
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